Musical Works

4 Preludes for Piano, Op. 1

-I. C Major- Largo a tranquillo

-II. G Major- Allegro con tranquillo

-III. E Minor- Andante

-IV. C# Minor- Presto


A Hymn, Op. 9


 Nocturne in C# Minor, Op. 10


Vocalise in F# Minor, Op. 11


A Spiritual Dyad, Op. 12

-I. Swing Low

-II. We Shall Overcome


Dolente a Bromosia, Op. 13


3 Nocturnes, Op. 14

-I. C# Minor- Largo a calmato

II. F Major- Innocente; tenera e molto dolce

-III. G# Minor- Larghetto


Barcarolle in B-flat Major, Op. 15


Hymn for the Piano, Op. 16


In Springtime, Op. 19


Nocturne in E-flat Major, Op. 20


String Quartet in B, Op. 21

-I. Moderato con espressione

-II. Largo, emotivo e esspresivo

-III. Allegro e scherzoso


Organ Fugue, Op. 22


Brass Quintet: Prelude, Chorale et Fugue, Op. 23


A Spiritual Cycle, Op. 25

-I. Every Hour in the Day

-II. Go Down Moses

-III. Low Down Chariot

-IV. All My Trials Lord

-V. Hold On

-VI. Old Ship of Zion

-VII. In Dat Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’


Six Songs for Soprano, Op. 26

-I. Lullaby

-II. The Night Witch

-III. Tears on My Heart

-IV. Tempest at Mt. Kennesaw

-V. Nostalgia- Song of Home

-VI. Vocalise- Fantasy


A Prayer, Op. 27


4 Songs for Bass “Love”, Op. 28

I. Forest of Love

II. My Heart

III. The Maid

IV. Who Knows?


O Mysterious Night, Op. 29


Sunset, Op. 31


Eta Carinae: A Celestial Fantasy, Op. 32

-I. Exordium et Hymnus Universo

-II. Magnus Nebulae

-III. Columnae

-IV. Cantus stellar cumulus et parvus Bok Globule

-V. Catta-pilosa

-VI. Mysticus Mons-Phantasia

-VII. Solus Stellarum (WR25)

-VIII. Digitus Dei

-IX. Clavi foramen nebula

-X. Eta Carinae


4 Songs for Tenor, Op. 33

-I. Song

-II. Breath of a Rose

-III. Sympathy

-IV. Night


Over the Hills, Op. 34


Confessions of the Earth, Op. 35

-Confession I

-Confession II

-Confession III

-Confession IV

-Confession V

-Confession VI

-Confession VII “Machinae”

-Confession VIII


Ave Maria: Arrangement for Men’s Chorus


Atlanta’s Pavane (Concrete Music)


Follow the Star


Dear Coretta

*All works are registered copyrights.

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